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Elevate Your Content, Expand Your Reach, Captivate Audiences Worldwide with our Downlink Services

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Downlink Service

Experience the efficiency and reliability of our downlink services

With our cutting-edge downlink services, we offer broadcasters seamless access to a vast array of satellite feeds.

Our state-of-the-art dish farms and advanced equipment ensure superior signal reception, guaranteeing high-quality and uninterrupted content delivery.

Key Features

Here are some key features and services we provide:

Reliable Signal Reception

Our advanced dish farms and cutting-edge equipment ensure robust and reliable signal reception, minimizing downtime and maximizing broadcast quality.

Global Reach

Tap into our extensive satellite network to reach audiences across the globe, expanding your broadcasting footprint and gaining a competitive edge.

Secure and Redundant Systems

Rest easy knowing that your content is protected with our secure data centers and redundant systems, ensuring the integrity and availability of your broadcasts.

Data Centers

In our strategically located data centers in the UK and Spain, we offer secure and scalable storage solutions for your valuable data. Benefit from our top-tier infrastructure, advanced security measures, and redundant systems that ensure maximum data protection and availability.

Dish farm already installed in our facilities:

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Available Satellites

34.5ºW - Intelsat
30.0ºW - Hispasat
15.0ºW - Telstar
8.0ºW - Eutelsat
7.0ºW - Nilesat
5.0ºW - Eutelsat 5
0.8ºW - Intelsat 10-02
3.0ºE - Eutelsat
3B 4.8ºE - Astra
4A 7.0ºE - W3
9.0ºE - Eutelsat 9B
10.0ºE - Eutelsat10A
13.0ºE - Hotbird
16.0ºE - W2
19.2ºE - Astra
21.0ºE - Eutelsat21B
23.5°E - Thor
25.5ºE - Eutelsat
26.0ºE - Badr
28.2ºE - Astra
42.0ºE - Turksat

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